• January 15, 2016

    Why do we do zikr?

    We perform zikr to experience the possibility of agreement. We agree to be together at an appointed place and time, for common purpose, and this has power.

    We perform zikr to blend our voices, breathe together, and listen. This alignment of breath and sound lifts each of us out of individual space and into something larger.

    We perform zikr because it summons our individual attentions and blends them, creating a sacred space for the invocation of higher beings.

    We perform zikr because we are seen, recognized and remembered as we truly are.

    We perform zikr because it opens our hearts to love and returns us to our Origin.

    We perform zikr because it brings us into the Presence of the Absolute and His many gifts.

    In zikr we praise and glorify Him.

    Where else are such things possible?

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