• July 16, 2020

    A reader of this site wrote to ask: who are you? A question. A flutter of insight followed. Probably he expected me to identify myself. It did not present to me in that way.

    Who am I? This is an unfolding question and answer. When I have disengaged from my worldly attachments, I am an immediate presence, timeless yet ancient, old yet ageless. I have always been as I am now yet I have learned so much from my time in this life and it has changed me. When I cease to be heedless, I remember myself as one who has always been.

    Who am I? One who is curious about everything and passionate to see and know. One who is slowly turning to sobriety from the addiction of too much thought and too much action. One who identifies with taking responsibility and in arrogance forgets his powerlessness. One who prefers to love over being loved. One who considers his life’s work a failure because so much more may have been possible with greater diligence.