• April 8, 2017

    I think I understand what it means to be asleep. What does it mean to be awake?

    Do you think it would be helpful to try to describe this state?

    In Vajrayana, they sometimes give what they call the view, a description of the end state, just in case the practitioner is able to spontaneously recognize it.

    True. Let us go on a journey together. I will talk along the way and we will see where we go.

    I have the sensations of sitting. (Pause in this experience for several minutes)

    I have the sensations of breathing. (Pause for several minutes)

    I have the sensations of energy moving in the body. (Pause for several minutes)

    I have the sensation of being spacious. (Pause for several minutes)

    I sense the unnecessary tensions of the body and I release them. (Pause for several minutes)

    I invoke the presence of my presence into the present. (Pause for several minutes)

    I have the sensation of remembering myself. (Pause for several minutes)

    My presence cognizes its presentness. (Pause for several minutes)

    Remaining present, I awaken.

    *   *   *   *   *   *   *

    The state of being awake is unimpeded, luminous, highly active but relaxed, entirely without agitation, precise and joyful. My Vajrayana friend would say that its essence is empty, its nature is luminous, its expression unimpeded. I would say its underlying quality is one of bliss.

    When you are not identified, presence is naturally awake; it is the doorway to the waking state. What sleeps is body and mind. They must be energized and brought into harmony with presence. The method is to voluntarize what is and rely upon attention and presence to bring unity and clarity.

    What does unimpeded mean?

    Non-dual. There is no otherness to oppose.

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