• October 1, 2015

    I wish for you to explore the difference between wishing and wanting. These words are used interchangeably but they do not at all mean the same thing and they refer to different states.

    To want is to be without and to be motivated by a state of lacking, a condition of want. Unconsciously or not, when action springs from want, it is like filling a hole. It draws what is lacking towards self, to satisfy self.

    Wishing has a sensation of affirming something outside oneself. It transfers force to that which is wished for. This force is created by wishing, it is not stolen from elsewhere.

    Words are important. In Vajrayana Buddhism, speech connects body and mind. In all religions, great importance is given to words. The word you use activates psychic and physical reverberations in yourself and others, establishing orientation and direction of actions. In automatic functioning, body habits precede and determine speech which then enslaves mind. Perception is lost. In one who works on self, mind perception discerns what can be wished and chooses words of helpful orientation.

    Use attention to become sensitive to the reverberation of words. Words are not just ideas, they are sensations which evoke physical and psychic states. Some words also invoke. Find this in your own experience.

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