• July 10, 2018

    To be present in the present is to be both someone and no one.

    The ‘someone’ part is easier to understand. The state of being present in the present is palpable. One has the feeling of weight, of occupying place and time (but not time passing), the feeling of existing, which is an experience of being.

    The ‘no one’ part is more subtle. When I am present in the present, I am not any of my identities. I am not my past, not my habits, not any of my roles in life, not boundaried. If I remain present, I experience a feeling which I recognize as indefinably but always ‘me’, a ‘me’ that has no overt expression in the ordinary world, one that is absolutely itself but does not derive from any known thing.

    Who am I? I am someone and I am no one.

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