• August 21, 2018

    I would like you to consider the underlying assumptions of your life. Where do you turn for meaning, to make sense of your life? Who or what do you rely upon for support?

    Do you struggle with these questions? Perhaps you manage to be distracted most of the time by the details of your doings and wantings? But if we are at all alike, I think your life is circling around these questions.

    Speaking for myself, I know that I need context. I need my life to relate to a larger context. When I discovered Mr. G and the idea of the work, I thought this would prove to be the context that I needed. This discovery was very important and it has helped me to realize some key insights into myself and the world. However, I found that the work also runs out of meaning if it does not serve. The work itself needs context.

    Now, service is a word that is freighted with pre-conceptions. There is service to good causes, service to others, service to humanity. You will need to test them. Can they bear the weight of your life? If not, there is something missing. Can you find out what is missing?

    Perhaps you think that it makes no sense to look for something that isn’t there. However, I suggest to you that if you recognize something very important is missing, and allow yourself to feel this, you could enable that precious something to find you, because it is also missing you.

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