• March 20, 2022

    There is a secret that none of the schools seem to teach. Perhaps they don’t know it. I had to discover it for myself.

    It is hard to speak of myself this way. I am near the end of my life and I no longer see that there is much to accomplish in life, not like my younger days when I was going to change the universe and touch the face of God. But the fact is, now in retrospect, and despite the fact it wasn’t as I imagined, I did discover certain things and I perhaps did touch His Hem.

    So what is this secret? Our senses, which are forms of perception, are the outer shell of our experience. They become a preoccupation for our attention but they need not. At the same time that you see, and that you have something you see, you can also see that you see, hear that you hear, sense that you sense. We can be wordlessly conscious of experience while we have it. That’s it.

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