• January 18, 2019

    I am sitting here in the invocation chamber. I sense that the space is unusually active tonight, concentrated, urgent perhaps in its wish to acknowledge me and get to work.

    I invoke attention into the sensations of sitting. This is not my attention. It is attention that descends into sensation, attention that is from the space that surrounds and confronts me, attending to my sensations, penetrating them, opening them. I am not the center, I am the edge, I am shore gripped by ocean. I am physically here. SAT.

    I invoke the presence of my presence into the present. I am sitting and I know that I am sitting. I am sensed and I know that I am sensed. I fully agree to be here, all that I am is here. CHIT.

    There is attention on sensation. There is the presence of presence in the present. There is another step. I spontaneously feel love of being here now. Love of Being. Complete sufficiency and the bliss of wishing nothing more. ANANDA.

    Energy arises. Joy arises. There are waves that cannot be kept but reoccur. The waves are immaculate, luminous, radiant.

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