• August 16, 2017

    Each religion begins with an invocant and a soaring invocation that unites heaven and earth. Each ends as a human construction consisting of rules and judgments in which God or Gods are remade in the image of man…even the non-theistic ones.

    The invocations are marvels, more feelings than words, or shall we say words that invoke feelings, each religion a different space which it is possible to inhabit temporarily when our mechanical and self-limiting experience is relinquished. The invocations still resonate and can be activated when the religion itself is circumvented.

    The longer I spend considering religions as they are, the more ridiculous they seem, the more wasteful of time and energy they appear.

    I remember how I once felt about the unity of religions. But now I see that what appealed to me was their differences and not some supposed sameness; what inspired me was that each opens up a different perception-space capable of attracting and holding a unique, impersonal quality the universe is offering to human kind.

    I think it may be time for a new invocation.

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