• April 13, 2022

    It is commonplace for us ‘sensitive’ humans to offer to pray for those who we learn have some difficult illness. It’s what we do…offer that is. And doubtless many keep their word after a fashion. I am not able to do this easily.

    Why is this? What lack of generosity is this? Having looked into it I see that the problem is the meaning of prayer. When I succeed in entering prayer, which seems to be mostly not my doing, I am lifted into a state of nearness (only that) which has a quality of intimacy. It’s a kind of lifting of the heart which may even touch upon glorification. In this state, I am not inclined to ask for anything except to keep near and I do not remember anyone else.

    So when I do succeed in praying for someone, it’s more that I think of them, hold them in my heart and wish them well. I think that’s what they used to call a benediction.

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