• January 1, 2021

    Do we know why we do the things we do, especially the apparently selfless things? In an earlier time, if I risked my life to save yours, I would tell you to thank the gods for your life. Now it is assumed I made a courageous decision and that I am the agent of my acts.

    One great ‘reason’ why God has become so unimportant to most of us in ordinary life is that we have assumed ‘responsibility’ for our lives. I think it is my life, I think I’m in charge and I can take credit for the wins and the losses, both.

    Can you examine this belief? When overwhelmed by compassion, overcome by beauty, struck dumb by the truth, do you think you are worthy, that you have come to something in yourself? Or do you thank God for this undeserved visitation of His Nature?

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  • December 26, 2020

    Hear me, dear voyager
    Companion of my heart
    Hear me, NAME
    Your journeys have not ended
    A new one has begun
    Listen to my voice, o dear one
    Listen to my instructions

    Do not panic or despair
    All that you suffer are your own emanations
    The undigested remnants of your life among us
    Projections from your past
    Do not be fooled by appearances
    Be neither attracted nor repelled
    Know that all phenomena is illusion.
    Separate deception from truth
    Your deepest nature is the luminous void
    Neither begetting nor begotten
    Always existing
    You are the voyager
    Remember yourself as the voyager

    In the clear light of true perception
    Can you remember that you loved?
    Can you remember you were loved?
    Take refuge in the healing power of love
    Take refuge in your heart
    Heart to heart, I have not left you
    Heart to heart, I am with you
    You are not alone on your journey

    Hear me, o voyager
    Companion of my heart
    Hear me, NAME
    Your journeys have not ended
    A new one has begun
    Listen to my voice, o dear one
    Listen to my instructions

    Lights will appear before you
    To cleanse or to beguile
    Always choose the clearest lights
    Lights of brilliant intensity
    Embrace their healing radiations
    To cleanse the emanations of your previous life

    Take refuge in the presence of your presence
    Impartial to it all
    Neither attracted nor repelled
    Abide in the field of all attention
    Be steadfast in the field of the will
    Not distracted by phenomena

    Call upon the Lord of Death to assist you
    He, the unborn resident of the labyrinth
    Has sacrificed his own redemption
    To redeem all sentient beings.
    He is the eternal one,
    Do not fear him.
    He shall not fail to take you safely across
    The fearful turmoil of your own projections

    Remember yourself as the voyager
    Whose deepest nature is clear light
    Infinite, eternal, uncreated
    You are the bornless one
    Surrender to the luminous void
    Enter endless crystal waters
    Return again to your origin

  • November 22, 2020

    We are so conditioned to make efforts. We think we can make efforts to change ourselves. We want to affirm and we do so with the pushing force. And what does that do? Look into it. You can see that it defeats itself. Can you jump over your own knees?

    Let us go by way of the negative, shall we? A somersault rather than a jump.

    Let’s consider fixation. What could be more ‘me’ than fixation? I’m always compulsively thinking about something so I miss much of what’s going on. My attention is forever being attracted to something or other, either because I like it (and therefore cling to it), or dislike it (and therefore avert it, push it away). My attention may skip from one thing to another but is it not always fixated one something, somewhere?

    What would it be like to be unfixated? Well, that would mean seeing/hearing/sensing everything around me. Immediately my affirming self jumps to the fore. “I can do that,’ says me. Wrong step. Let’s start again. If I am not clinging or averting, what is going on? What is the gesture that is neither? A gesture that is neutral, unattached.

    I have such a gesture, one that does not arise automatically, a conscious gesture therefore seldom arising. This gesture is releasing, allowing everything to be exactly as it is without my engagement.

    My eyes are open. I see. I notice that I am looking at something and my field of vision is narrowed. Can I release this something and temporarily see everything?

    There are two steps…noticing the fixation and releasing it. Affirming that I can see everything is not a step, it is a fixation.

    Can I learn to notice and release fixation? Find out. There are many fixations, of thought, of sensation. Can I notice and release them all as they arise? What happens if I do?

    Here’s the real secret. Skillful releasing offers up a direct perception of emptiness, not the emptiness of depression but rather the emptiness of pure consciousness, consciousness unattached and able to sense/glimpse itself. In Buddhist terms, you have experienced Sunyata and the spontaneous response is very joyous, a momentary freedom known as the first Bhumi. Bet you didn’t see that coming. No one does.

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  • October 4, 2020

    The purpose of your life becomes knowable when you submit to a relationship with His Endlessness.

    The way to Him is broad but for each of us individually it is as narrow as a knife’s edge.

    The way for you is who you are, the original creation of His Majesty.

    You do not decide your purpose, you uncover it, remember it.

    Your purpose is the exposition of your nature.

    You do not ‘do’ your purpose, you are your purpose.

    You must know who you are, who you have always been.


  • September 13, 2020

    After the rapture comes sobriety (hopefully). Sobriety is the greater challenge and it offers the greater promise. Is sobriety comfortable? It is most definitely not. After a lifetime of inebriation, one intoxicant after another, from belief in the world to belief in oneself to belief in the work to belief in God, sobriety is terrifying. With no illusion to support and distract you, with no future goal to attract you, with nowhere to go other than the present, how could such a state not be terrifying?

    You will pine for the rapture. You will beg for the euphoria of emotion. You will want some spiritual aim, some theory, to sustain you. When you are finally stone cold sober, you will know these follies are dead on arrival…they no longer move the needle.

    It is said among the ancient masters that one travels towards God, then in God, then beyond God. Why beyond God? Because everything we can think, believe, know of Him is our constructed limitation of His Endlessness, as real as it may seem to us. This is the path of sobriety.

    What is the ‘promise’ of sobriety? No more pretenses, the possibility of sincerity and reliability, less wasted time and energy, more genuine humility. You will want to fill the void of your departed intoxications, you will feel that you are drowning, suffocating, you will beg for relief. Do not bend to your addictions and something else may come, beyond belief, beyond thought and emotion. Make no sudden moves. You will know the next step when you find yourself taking it.

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  • July 16, 2020

    A reader of this site wrote to ask: who are you? A question. A flutter of insight followed. Probably he expected me to identify myself. It did not present to me in that way.

    Who am I? This is an unfolding question and answer. When I have disengaged from my worldly attachments, I am an immediate presence, timeless yet ancient, old yet ageless. I have always been as I am now yet I have learned so much from my time in this life and it has changed me. When I cease to be heedless, I remember myself as one who has always been.

    Who am I? One who is curious about everything and passionate to see and know. One who is slowly turning to sobriety from the addiction of too much thought and too much action. One who identifies with taking responsibility and in arrogance forgets his powerlessness. One who prefers to love over being loved. One who considers his life’s work a failure because so much more may have been possible with greater diligence.