• January 1, 2021

    Do we know why we do the things we do, especially the apparently selfless things? In an earlier time, if I risked my life to save yours, I would tell you to thank the gods for your life. Now it is assumed I made a courageous decision and that I am the agent of my acts.

    One great ‘reason’ why God has become so unimportant to most of us in ordinary life is that we have assumed ‘responsibility’ for our lives. I think it is my life, I think I’m in charge and I can take credit for the wins and the losses, both.

    Can you examine this belief? When overwhelmed by compassion, overcome by beauty, struck dumb by the truth, do you think you are worthy, that you have come to something in yourself? Or do you thank God for this undeserved visitation of His Nature?

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