• December 8, 2017

    A ruler is a measure for the physical world. Logic is a measure for the mind world. Are these the only worlds you live in?

    Where is the world which contains love and beauty? Where is truth to be found? Are these qualities simply a manifestation of the physical and mental worlds?

    Each of these qualities has a physical and a mental expression. Love is attraction in the physical. Perhaps beauty for you is perfect symmetry in the mental realm. Truth is a repeatable observation in the material realm, an axiom of geometry in the mind. But the essence of these qualities is not found in these spheres alone.

    Each of these qualities is whole and complete, more than an expression. Each feeling is itself a phenomenon of another kind, which exists in a third realm of existence. This third realm is different from the other two. A ruler is a measure of dimension but it is not dimension itself. Thought is the content of the mind but it is not the mind itself. Feeling is itself the third realm; it is its own measure and its content is itself. Thus it has an immediacy which announces itself as…itself.

    The feeling of truth cannot be separated from falsehood because they were never intertwined; they exist in different and separate universes. Falsehood is in the physical and mental realms where the expressions of truth can be contradicted, where opposites exist. In the realm of feeling, truth always rings the same note. And feelings are like notes, each with its own vibration or frequency but in a continuum of varieties…hundreds of types of roses but all roses just the same…such as love, sympathy, compassion, fidelity, admiration, glorification, honour…

    It is remarkable that we have so many different words, each with subtle shadings of meaning, for qualities that have no factual existence. It is disturbing to see so many of these words disappear from common use.

    How is feeling perceived? Who enters this third realm of existence? The organ of perception is the heart. It is the heart that enters. If you cannot see in the physical world, you are blind. If you cannot follow the laws of logic, you are unintelligent. If you cannot feel then your heart is asleep.

    We have talked about the awakening of the heart. We can do so again. But first, let us be clear. The yardstick of one world is not suitable for another. Do not take a ruler to measure the mind. Do not use logic to measure feeling. Inquire of the heart.

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