• September 10, 2017

    Our work together in this group has focused on observation of self, attention and presence. Perhaps we have learned from this and the sharp edges of our personalities have been softened somewhat, making another stage of work possible.

    I wish for you to consider the following prayer. Does it resonate in you? Could it be your prayer? If your answer is yes, I would ask you to write to me stating your agreement to repeat this prayer every day.


    May I have compassion for myself
    Compassion for my ignorance
    For the pain I have given others
    And the pain they have given me

    May I have compassion for those nearest me
    Compassion for their suffering
    For their disappointments
    For their loneliness and fear

    May I have compassion for all sentient beings
    Compassion for their limitations
    For the cruelty they suffer
    For the despair of life in this world

    May I have compassion for the Universal Being
    Who suffers His own Creation
    Who sleeps among us and seeks to awaken
    Whose compassion for me is reflected
    As my compassion for Him

    This is my prayer.
    May I have compassion.
    Hear my prayer.

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