• September 22, 2021

    Q: Why put such emphasis on observation of self? It doesn’t change anything.

    A: It doesn’t change anything quickly but impartial observation of self is the best way I know to change myself and my relationship to life. We are tied up in knots. Strands of habit wired into the muscles, constantly repeated mechanical reactions and fixed self-images prevent insight, limit capacity and drain our higher energies, making it impossible to do the work of a real human being.

    We are heavily programmed and we must de-program so we can see and feel clearly. This does not mean changing the program. De-programming cannot be accomplished by the one who is programmed. So I delegate the task to attention.

    Analysis doesn’t untie the knots unless it triggers impartial attention. So, aim for impartial attention by observing self objectively…physical expressions of self. You will be dealing with the past because all the unresolved problems of the past are with you presently, whether you think about them or not, and they are expressed in the behavior you observe.

    Q: You seem to suggest that attention is a kind of conditioning eraser.

    A: Yes, it’s like that. Habits of behavior and thought are patterns of neurons in the nervous system. The linked patterns are held together with subtle energy we call sensitive energy, the energy of sensation. Patterns can be slowly dissolved by application of a higher energy which clears the energy field. That higher energy is attention. To work, it must be impartial. Why? Impartial attention means attention that is not channeled through, or directed by, the thinker who pretends to inhabit my headbrain. Headbrain attention is too weak to erase my conditioning. I must learn to trust the work to attention.

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  • September 17, 2021

    It is easy to think and talk about work on self but very difficult to do it consistently. The secret is to use the difficulties of doing work to work more often.

    Do you know how to observe yourself? At first you will observe yourself with judgment or justification. This is good, this is bad, this is why. These reactions block further observation of self.

    Perhaps you try to stop judgment or justification. Does this help you to observe more? No? So, alternatively, observe the judgment and justification. Do not allow the judge/justifier to become the observer; make them the observed. They are primarily body sensations, are they not?, followed by strings or loops of thought which trigger more sensations.

    Sensations do not need commentary. They exist in the nervous system and can be sensed there. Accept the sensations and track them. As the thought loops arise, taking you towards discursive thinking, take refuge in the sensations. Don’t leave sensing for thinking. This is something you can learn to do. It’s simply a re-placement of attention.

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  • May 25, 2021

    I was reminded of this phrase from Buddhist teachings when hearing of some of the meditation experiences in the group. Shamata properly practiced can lead to an experience of vibrant emptiness in which self is temporarily suspended, returns and evaporates again. This is consciousness moving in and out of a state that is unsupported and unconfined by self and the things we identify with. It’s spacious, alive, non-reactive.

    Dull shamata often comes to those who meditate on their own and fall into a trance-like state that is non-reactive and empty but not alive and spacious. This is in fact a fairly steady state, somewhat easily maintained because it is a production of self. Beware of dull shamata, meditators.

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  • April 9, 2021

    We are human

    earth is our home.

    We need air to breathe, we need the sun,

    we need to move and walk,

    we need the company of others.

    We are human.

    Being human there are risks.

    We bump into things, we fall down

    We hurt ourselves accidentally and on purpose

    We get sick in a thousand different ways.

    We are human.

    We have the capacity for joy, for beauty, for love.

    One day we will die,

    But today we are alive.

    Do not be afraid to live.

  • January 1, 2021

    Do we know why we do the things we do, especially the apparently selfless things? In an earlier time, if I risked my life to save yours, I would tell you to thank the gods for your life. Now it is assumed I made a courageous decision and that I am the agent of my acts.

    One great ‘reason’ why God has become so unimportant to most of us in ordinary life is that we have assumed ‘responsibility’ for our lives. I think it is my life, I think I’m in charge and I can take credit for the wins and the losses, both.

    Can you examine this belief? When overwhelmed by compassion, overcome by beauty, struck dumb by the truth, do you think you are worthy, that you have come to something in yourself? Or do you thank God for this undeserved visitation of His Nature?

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  • December 26, 2020

    Hear me, dear voyager
    Companion of my heart
    Hear me, NAME
    Your journeys have not ended
    A new one has begun
    Listen to my voice, o dear one
    Listen to my instructions

    Do not panic or despair
    All that you suffer are your own emanations
    The undigested remnants of your life among us
    Projections from your past
    Do not be fooled by appearances
    Be neither attracted nor repelled
    Know that all phenomena is illusion.
    Separate deception from truth
    Your deepest nature is the luminous void
    Neither begetting nor begotten
    Always existing
    You are the voyager
    Remember yourself as the voyager

    In the clear light of true perception
    Can you remember that you loved?
    Can you remember you were loved?
    Take refuge in the healing power of love
    Take refuge in your heart
    Heart to heart, I have not left you
    Heart to heart, I am with you
    You are not alone on your journey

    Hear me, o voyager
    Companion of my heart
    Hear me, NAME
    Your journeys have not ended
    A new one has begun
    Listen to my voice, o dear one
    Listen to my instructions

    Lights will appear before you
    To cleanse or to beguile
    Always choose the clearest lights
    Lights of brilliant intensity
    Embrace their healing radiations
    To cleanse the emanations of your previous life

    Take refuge in the presence of your presence
    Impartial to it all
    Neither attracted nor repelled
    Abide in the field of all attention
    Be steadfast in the field of the will
    Not distracted by phenomena

    Call upon the Lord of Death to assist you
    He, the unborn resident of the labyrinth
    Has sacrificed his own redemption
    To redeem all sentient beings.
    He is the eternal one,
    Do not fear him.
    He shall not fail to take you safely across
    The fearful turmoil of your own projections

    Remember yourself as the voyager
    Whose deepest nature is clear light
    Infinite, eternal, uncreated
    You are the bornless one
    Surrender to the luminous void
    Enter endless crystal waters
    Return again to your origin