• Thinking about a past `experience` of presence is a constructed illusion.

    There is no one present to experience presence except presence.

    Presence does not exist outside itself. It cannot be approached or entered from the outside.

    There is nothing between presence and itself.

    Only presence is quick enough to know itself.

    Presence is an invisible mystery to thought.

    Presence is responding without reacting.

    Presence is where the singular meets the unlimited, extinguishing neither.

    Presence is immediate…all other states are mediated.

    Presence is not in time.

    Presence is un-separated, un-boundaried specificity.

    Presence is observing without an observer.

    Presence is natural, unforced attentiveness.

    Presence is everything it touches yet remains without content or identity.

    Presence is not a thing or condition.

    Presence is not found…it is the finder.

    You can never come to presence.

    Presence is what remains after amputating everything you know.

    Presence never changes and is never the same.

    Presence is sober annihilation of self.

    Presence is the continued unraveling of the known.

    Presence is the sense of existing as no thing.

    Presence is the not-otherness of non-duality.